Apr 302014

pineal -brainWhy is it so taboo to say that word “psychic.” The truth is everyone is Psychic to some degree. We were all born with this gift called intuition. Some people completely turn it off or some choose to listen to it more than others.

The gift of intuition is an innate ability that was given to us from the Divine to use as a compass and guide us here on Earth, with life. During pre-historic times “we as humans” used this gift of intuition to sense danger or predators, using it for basic needs of survival.

Now with more modern times, we use it in many different ways that we may not be aware of. We use the gift of intuition as Mothers’ Listening to our inner “mother’s intuition,” sensing whether our child is in danger, needs help, has concerns, etc. We use it as Business Executives and Fashion Designers, tapping into the right-side of the brain to think of innovative, creative solutions—listening to one’s intuition to think of new ideas or make a decision by what feels right. Even Scientists have used the gift of intuition to help them with major breakthroughs and discoveries. For example, Albert Einstein used to take time to receive intuitive messages through his dreams. He would go to sleep for inner guidance and suggestions for his work, seeking guidance from the Divine through the spirit world. And then, we have Intuitive Counselors who take it a step further, using intuition to help others through conducting many different styles of readings. These are just a few examples, but we use the gift of intuition every day, whether for our personal lives or professional.

To help you determine, if you’re receiving intuitive messages, here are a few ways we receive intuition:

Four main Clairsense natural abilities:

-Clairknowing (a.k.a. claircognant): With this sense, you may know something before it happens, in which you may often use the phrase “I knew that was going to happen. I just knew it.” You may have taken time to validate that inner-knowing, or rather brushed it off, only later to found out your intuition was right.

-Clairsentient: With this sense, you may feel messages, such as getting a strong emotion. For example, you may use the phrase “this doesn’t feel right, or I feel I should.” This sense may cause you to feel anxiety, have sensitivity or nerves more than others, before making a major decision, or when around a lot of people (you’re sensing others emotions, not yours). Does it feel right to you? Your body sends you messages through your feelings.

-Clairvoyance: With this sense, you may see things with your physical eye or in your mind’s eye, also known as daydreaming. With your physical eye, you may see reoccurring numbers throughout your day on license plates, billboards, newspapers, etc. You may see the same colors or images come-up as coincidence. You may also see images while meditating, daydreaming, or sleep-state; whereas the very advanced clairvoyants, will see images in physical form such as angel orbs, spirits, and auras. The phrase “I see” is used often as a form of expression.

-Clairaudience: With this sense, you may hear messages either hear messages from the lyrics in a song, hear a message while overhearing a conversation, or even actually hear a spirit guide or loved one speak to you. You may even hear sounds of things moving or someone being there, but then go to look and see nothing there. The phrase used often for this sense is “I hear.”

And if you feel like you are not receiving or are blocked, then take time to clear your intuitive channel—Prayer and Meditation work Best. When you have peace in your heart it’s easier to be receptive to hearing guidance from your own intuition.

What ways are you receiving intuitive guidance? Please feel free to share your intuitive experiences you’ve had in your life

Brightest Blessings to you!!!

Kristin Marie Rodriguez
Founder of CIC Course & Spiritual Teacher