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It’s likely you have seen TV shows of a hypnotist hypnotizing a group of people in an audience. Once hypnotized they will plant a subliminal message that’s triggered after the subject is released from the hypnotic trance. After delivering a triggering event (sound or phrase) the person will do something unexpected. These parlor tricks usually delight the audience but they are a powerful example of the effect of subliminal messages.

Subliminal messages are suggestions or affirmations planted into our subconscious mind. For example, let’s say you want to loose some weight. It has long been proven that hypnosis is an effective way to shed those pounds without the need for surgery or diets. People have described unbelievable results with nothing more than subliminal messages programmed by a trained hypnotist.

There are several reasons this proven technique is not used more often. A lot of people just don’t know about the method and many who do, are skeptical that it will work. Another drawback is the need to select a hypnotist. After all, you have to trust this person to plant a subliminal message into your subconscious; in essences reprogramming your mind. This is someone you will have to trust implicitly. In fact hypnotist will tell you one of the foremost requirements for hypnosis to work is developing a level of trust with the subject. Another drawback is the cost for several hypnosis sessions and the hassle of scheduling an appointment with the hypnotist.

There is an easier way to tap into the power of reprogramming your subconscious. Subliminal messages recorded into music can achieve the same stunning effects. The process is simple: you select tracts from you favorite music. The music is rerecorded along with the subliminal message. The subliminal messages are played at a frequency and speed that your conscious mind does not hear. Your subconscious mind hears the message and, with repetition, is reprogrammed. You just play the music repeatedly while resting, meditating or driving a car. With today’s modern MP3 players, you can listen almost anywhere. Using subliminal messages to reprogram the subconscious is as effective as attending several hypnosis sessions. The effects are powerful!

Just like the hypnotist’s parlor trick, they work.

The system featured here offers software designed to make creating subliminal messages easy. The downloaded software runs on your computer. It lets you rip your favorite music from a CD (or other source) and overlay the subliminal message. The file is saved as an MP3 or burned to a CD. Then just add the MP3 to your iPod/MP3 player or take the CD to your car or stereo.

The real advantage of this system is that the messages you plant subliminally are exactly what you want. You don’t have to wonder what else was said or which words were introduced to your subconscious. You get exactly the message you want. You can use this powerful system to loose weight, stop smoking, attract wealth or attract the lover you have always wanted. More advanced techniques include reaching deeper levels during meditation, finally seeing auras or achieving astral travel.

Everyone is trying to change bad habits or tying to establish better behavior. Most of us rely on will power, which usually take a long time to be effective or often not at all. The difficult task of maintaining your will power and repeating affirmations to change your behavior can be simplified with a direct introduction of a subliminal message to your subconscious mind. Once you have fixed one bad habit, you can record a new subliminal message to change another aspect of your life.

If you are trying to change your behavior; have tried diligently and still not achieved the results you want, try reprogramming your subconscious. The process is simple and the effects are demonstrative!

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