Apr 162014

Ultimate Healer Default ImageNowadays , more and more people are turning to alternative techniques in healing and wellness in order to enhance their quality of life. One of these techniques is the Reiki healing which makes use of positive and harmonious energy to restore the balance within the body. It was first practiced in Japan but is now also gaining recognition among other medical practitioners such as doctors, therapists and chiropractors.

In reiki healing, it is believed that most of a person’s afflictions are either directly or indirectly caused by stress. The accumulation of all this negative energy causes certain body processes to be disrupted which may eventually result in minor or major health issues. Unfortunately, the effects of stress are many and are not only confined physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. A practitioner who uses the reiki technique uses his or her hands to transmit positive energy into your body in order to help you let go of stress and promote relaxation. This means that you would not only be relieved of your physical symptoms, but would have a general state of well-being from this holistic form of healing. It also helps rejuvenate your mind and body through the shedding of all the stress that you used to carry along with you.

What happens during reiki healing?

Sessions are done in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere . There are some practitioners who might use music therapy to aid in the healing process while others might not prefer any distractions. There are no special preparations for you to busy with prior to the session except that you come in clothes which are not too tight or constricting.

As mentioned, Reiki healing makes use of the hands to transmit the healing energy into the body. The pattern and technique of the actual laying of hands would vary per practitioner. Some may have a pattern which they follow while some may not. They would usually perform the healing touch for 3-6 minutes on different areas of the body as necessary.

Benefits of Reiki healing

Reiki healing has a lot of benefits for those who are getting it or would wish to try it but the best one probably is that it would not adversely affect or react with any medication or treatment that you are having. This means that it is safe to receive sessions in conjunction or as a supplement to any medical therapy or procedure. Healthy people can also reap the benefits of reiki healing. It helps you sleep better and makes you feel more connected spiritually and emotionally to those around you.

Also, since it makes use of healing energy the practitioner can also perform it on himself/herself and achieve relief. Reiki has been shown to be effective to those with medical conditions such as heart ailments, anxiety disorders, digestive problems and even emotional and psychiatric afflictions. The healing energy not only balances the processes within the body of people with such conditions, but also helps them in coping with the situation.

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