Dec 062013

A Tibetan Buddhist Lama I know has such a mind. Around his head and shoulders, his aura appears like a considerable indigo coloured oval, reminiscent of the halos that are portrayed in countless paintings of Jesus, the Saints, and Apostles. When I first saw it, it was an astounding gift to perceive an atmosphere in such a highly developed state. It was something I had never seen this before. Immediately, my new goal became to meditate regularly and develop my own mind to the point where my ideas and emotions are wholly under control.

So the thought leadership definition really covers all the aspects related to a distinctive way of leading people where it’s not essential a human being to do that job; a magazine, newspaper, web site or possibly a product can also do this with the same results. The world top spas and wellness centers are located in beach resorts and anybody who has to recuperate from a serious illness is immediately advised to visit the ocean from days immemorial. This is only because the serenity that a beach can give will lead to total mental relaxation and lead to physical and spiritual bliss. This is what a beach guided meditation can do to the body and mind. The beach guided meditation technique aims at creating an environment somewhat like a beach with the sound of waves and the sound of the wind which will slowly lull you a state wherein you are neither awake nor asleep. Just the though of it relaxes me so much that I almost feel as I am in that state now. So imagine what really being there will do. The tremendous benefits of transcendental meditation been documented by scientists across the world. It reduces blood pressure, create much needed hormones within the body and there’s evidence that shows a link to slower aging.

Therefore the advantages of om harmonics are astounding. So if Holosync delivers the capacity to enter deep meditation the benefits should be precisely the same. The ancient sages of India (known as rishis or seers of ultimate truth) found the 50 primordial sounds of the Sanskrit alphabet by seeing and hearing them as the subtle strings of code at the basis of creation inside a deep state of meditation. The rhythmic patterns of sound and light came to them in waves of specific arrangements of the Sanskrit syllables. When they duplicated the Sanskrit letters, they established themselves in a state of unity with development during its very source. Meditation doesn’t cost anything and will give the body the break it takes at least several times a week. There isn’t a mandate about how often one should meditate. Lots of people make time to do it once a day. And when you can find that time, your body and head will thank you for this. It is significant to notice the mantras are used for their sound quality only and don’t have any assigned meaning. These two significant aspects, suitability and meaninglessness, let the head to be dynamic but undirected at once, so it may sink deep inside, ‘transcend’ thought and experience its own silent, internal nature. This is the process called ‘transcending’ which happens through the Transcendental Meditation technique. In meditation try letting go of every notion that appears. Don’t try and push the ideas away. Rather, stop grabbing hold of those. Quit getting involved with them, identifying with them or even perceiving the content of the idea. You need to remember that an idea is arising and allow it to go.

Jerri Escobedo