Nov 302013

DharanaThis is the control you need to approach Dharana, or single-pointedness. From this point, meditation is said to start. All the rest was preparatory for it and to it. The disadvantage of the Holosync technology is the fact that you have to listen to it everyday to get maximum benefit and it also comes in stages as a course. However, Bill Harris insists that you really do not have to continue using it and can quit after every stage of the course is complete while permanently retaining all the changes you have made. It is possible, and advisable, to continue through each of the stages of the course to reach a place of imperturbability.

The Holosync alternative, by Centerpointe, does create deep states akin to meditation and it does remove emotional traumas which are hidden deep in the subconscious mind. In fact it does exactly what it says it will do. The world top spas and wellness centers are found in beach resorts and anybody who must recuperate from a serious illness is promptly advised to visit the ocean from days immemorial. This is only because the serenity a beach can give will lead to complete mental relaxation and lead to physical and spiritual bliss. This is what a beach guided meditation can do for the mind and body. The beach guided meditation technique aims at creating an environment somewhat like a beach with all the sound of waves as well as the sound of the wind which will slowly lull you a state wherein you are neither awake nor sleeping. Just the though of it relaxes me so much that I almost feel like I am in that state now. So imagine what really being there will do.

As you could see, as well as spectacular stress reduction and heightened mind power,there are various other positive effects which may be derived from using Omharmonics ( music instruments to entrain the brain. I have also been using this technique for years now and I am completely pleased and amazed with the brand new amounts of personal growth that I always experience consequently. If you are stressed out, burnt out, unfocused, or uninspired, then I strongly recommend giving brainwave entrainment technology a go. Remember that it’s never too late to unlock your true potential. Meditation is not just about relaxation and total relief from pressure. It’s a kind of wholesome exercise not just for your mind but for your entire body and if meditation is done the scientific way using the appropriate techniques, it could result in total well being of both your mind and body. There are various techniques of meditation some of which are distinct from the customary techniques. These techniques of used well can result in both mental and physiological well being. Now that he is passed away, the Erickson Foundation is though striving to hoard away the deepest & most powerful secrets of Conversational Hypnosis. There are certain people who promise to teach Erickson’s methods. Secondly, meditation leads to an improvement in both physical and psychological wellbeing. For example, meditation can help foster the immune system and reduced blood pressure. Psychologically, meditation can aid in improving trust and selfesteem. And as your body starts to align itself with better health, you’ll naturally endeavour to consume healthy foods and certainly will need to share in activities that accentuate your fitness.

The four common brain waves we operate in are BETA, ALPHA, THETA, and DELTA, in that order. That is first gear, second gear, third gear, and fourth gear. We shift from one brainwave state to the next within the realm of meditation. There are lots of brainwave shifting(brain entrainment) techniques that can be utilized, but this article is all about one of the very effective systems…using meditation music with binaural beats.

Danilo Burd