Jun 092014

Music-MeditationI learned how to meditate as a way to help manage my epilepsy. A daily routine of meditation helped me reduce the number of seizures I had and, thus, increased my quality of life. The fact that meditation ended up providing me with other benefits over the years came as an unexpected bonus. A very welcome unexpected bonus.

But how do you get your confidence back? Usually either with someone believing in you and reminding you of your talents or by taking a good look at yourself and remembering what you are good at. Your strengths if you like.

Normally we can find long, long lists indicating the benefits of meditation and on those very true lists, we will also find joyous living as one of the entries. Although joyous living will certainly materialize as a result of your meditation practice, this is not the joy that I am referring to here. Here I am referring to the joy one gets simply from participating in meditation. Simply from watching the thinking mind from moment to moment as best as you can.

Exercise My Brain: exercising your brain is as important (if not more!) than exercising your muscles. In the past year I taken to Sudoku and Kakuro as ways to stimulate my brain and have fun. Other suggestions are crosswords, quizzes, and brain teasers.

alpha Brain Waves The best Meditation Music tracks also need to have two versions. The first version includes voice instructions over the music for learning proper technique. The guided version should be used by the advanced student once per week to make sure their form stays sharp. The second version has no instructions and is for daily use. The unguided version is where really deep states of mind are reached.

Learn How to meditate it can be a good way to get in touch with feelings and a way to release stress in the body and mind. You can start now even by closing your eyes and deeply breathing for 5 -10 minutes each day and watching your thoughts and allowing them to drift off.

Meditation is a popular form of stress relief. Many people use various forms of meditation to learn how to deal with stress in their personal lives. It helps you learn how to control your mind so you do not dwell on the negative. It can also help you take control of your thoughts and in some cases even help solve problems or turn negatives into positives.

Up until the age of about six or seven you are trying to figure that out – the question of what and who exactly you are. Certain messages will get absorbed and become part of the fabric of your being as surely as an ink stain will become a part of a linen tablecloth forever more.

Focus on today and the positives in your life. Learn techniques to teach you how to deal with stress effectively. Practice these techniques every day. If you need to see a therapist, or if you think you do, then do so. Learn to take control of your life so you can enjoy your life the way you deserve to.

Jovita Neilsen